Best Cooking Pans for People Who Live Organic Lifestyles

Say you spend months growing, harvesting, and preparing your own food from scratch. Since you grew it yourself, you know precisely where it all came from and that it is chemical free. So when you sit down to eat it, you know you aren’t getting anything extra that you shouldn’t eat, right? Well, depending on what you used to cook that food, you could be wrong. The best cooking pans for your household should give off nothing but heat — and science has proved that popular non-stick pans actually secrete much more than that. Things that could be making you or your family sick.

Don’t worry because there are a ton of really cool, easy-to-use alternatives. The market for non-toxic pots and pans took off after the warnings started coming back about the dangers. We took the time to find some of the best cooking pans out there at the moment.

The Hidden Dangers of Commonly Used Pots and Pans

In 2017, Americans spent 1.47 billion on Teflon pans. Sadly, that means that there are a lot of people out there who haven’t heard the news. In May 2015, The Green Science Policy Institute from Berkley signed a petition called the Madrid Statement. Over 226 scientists from 40 different countries joined them in signing the document in the hopes of highlighting the extreme health risks associated with the continued use of products that contain PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

In case you aren’t a chemist, PFAS chemicals are humanmade substances designed to withstand heat, water, and oil. The Teflon coating on non-stick pans, for example, contains PFAS chemicals. For a list of the things that may contain these harmful chemicals, click here. That list is only a small percentage, though, and you should research this topic further on your own.

What do PFAS chemicals do to the human body?

In 2014 the European Safety Authority assessed a large number of studies that tested the “oral toxicity of PFASs in humans.” Indeed, they found in a large number of those studies that PFAS chemicals “appear to correlate with cytotoxicity.” Scientists have only studied a small number of the compounds, though, and the results of each are varied. However, knowing those chemicals cause harm on a cellular level, even if it’s only a few, that’s certainly enough to make most people stop using pans coated in the stuff.

In West Virginia recently, some alarming data was released about one of the chemicals we are talking about called C8 or perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. The study revealed links between C8 and cancer in the liver and kidneys, liver malfunction, thyroid disruption, hormonal changes, obesity, high cholesterol, low birth weight and size, and ulcerative colitis. The authors of the report are careful to point out that these chemicals are in the water, and not applied to household items. However, it’s difficult to ignore that a compound very much like C8 resides in millions of American households — and they are cooking on it.

Keep your family safe with non-toxic cooking pans

Now that you know the truth about the non-stick stuff, you are probably wondering what the best cooking pans for you and your family are. That’s what we are here to help you figure out. There are a ton of non-toxic pots and pans out there just waiting to become part of your household. Some of them have special instructions, or you need to season them. It’s totally worth it, though, to keep dangerous chemicals away from your loved ones.

Here’s a list of keywords that mean the pans are non-toxic:

  • carbon steel
  • ceramic
  • lava rock
  • porcelain enamel
  • tempered glass
  • stainless steel
  • cast iron

The stainless steel and the cast iron can leach heavy metals into your food. The stainless steel could leach nickel, and the cast iron could leach iron. If you live in a household where extra iron is a good idea, then cast iron is the way to go. But if someone in your household suffers from certain disorders, cast iron pans are not an option.

Additionally, please note that there are no pure ceramic pans on our list today. While these are a gorgeous option and reportedly cook food beautifully, they are incredibly tricky to work with. When we researched the reviews, there was an overwhelming number of people talking about just how easy it was to break them.

Words to look out for when you are shopping for pots and pans

When you are shopping for the best pots and pans, you already know that you want to look out for the word Teflon. Additionally, there is conflicting information about the use of aluminum. A 2013 study found elevated aluminum levels in patients that suffered from central nervous system problems like Alzheimer’s, ALS, and autism spectrum disorders.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report that said aluminum is naturally already in some of the food we consume. Adults can safely consume 50 milligrams of aluminum every day without harming themselves.

Insofar as safety is concerned when using aluminum pans, even that has conflicting information. First, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that increased levels of aluminum leached into the food when cooking acidic foods like tomato sauce. However, Cook’s Illustrated (America’s Test Kitchen) did an independent study in 2012 and found that after leaving tomato sauce in a pan overnight it only contained 0.0024 milligrams of aluminum. So, there will be a few pans on the list that have aluminum bottoms, but they are all lined with something else — your food will never touch the aluminum. It’s entirely up to you where you land on the great aluminum debate.

Special instructions for your new pots and pans

Remember, that the instructions for how to care for your pots and pans will vary depending on what you get. This section is just a general overview of the best way to care for some of the cookware we are talking about today.

First, please stock your house with wooden, plastic, or silicone utensils. Any utensil made out of metal will scratch much of this cookware, so why take the risk? Secondly, some of these pans will require you to season them before you use them — click here for instructions. Some of the items on our list today say that they are dishwasher safe. However, we highly recommend that you wash them by hand, anyway. Some pans recommend that you do not use spray oil, only the traditional kind. And finally, you cannot traditionally stack some of these pots. We will include a link to the care instructions for each item on our list if it’s available.

How We Reviewed the Best Cooking Pans Available

Just so you know we did our homework, here’s how we reviewed these to find the best cooking pans on the market right now. First, we hit up all the trusted organic lifestyle sites to see what all the bloggers thought. Then we made a huge list and compared that to the reviews we found on Amazon, to make sure everything matched. We ended up with a complete list of the hottest stuff out there right now.

Top Five Best Cooking Pans for Organic Households

Here we are, and boy, do we have some cool stuff to talk about below. Now that you know how to take care of your new pots and pans, and where to shop, let’s really dig in and see what’s available. Please note that this list of the best cooking pans is in no particular order.

DaTerra Cucina – Vesuvio Ceramic Coated 11″ Nonstick Frying Pan

DaTerra Cucina Ceramic 11 inch Fry Pan with Natural Nonstick Coating |...
  • Enrich taste & protect your family - Did you know that most nonstick pans contain harmful chemicals like Teflon, PTFE,...
  • Our safe & natural nonstick coating - After consulting with the finest Italian chefs in the world, we engineered a...
  • Natural Gas? Electric? Glasstop? Propane? They are all the perfect partners to our PTFE free pan. You can easily cook...

The DaTerra Cucina Vesuvio 11″ Frying Pan is completely toxin-free as well as being nonstick. It does have an aluminum base, but also “a natural volcanic ceramic coating.” The aluminum allows the pan to heat faster than ceramic alone, and the ceramic coating ensures even heat distribution.


  • Roomy interior: 11 inches across and a depth of 2.5 inches ensures that you can also use it to deep fry
  • Oven safe: you can go directly from stove-top into the oven up to 450 degrees
  • Long silicone grip on the handle
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Also comes in other sizes


  • Budget
  • Negative reviews about food eventually sticking to the pan*

Vremi 8 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

Vremi VRM030047N omelet-pans, 8 Piece, Blue and White
  • COOKWARE MADE for SERVING - This 8 piece ceramic cookware set includes 2 dutch oven pots, 1 casserole pot with lids and...
  • CERAMIC COATING for EVEN HEATING - This pot and pan set is made of a durable and non-toxic die-cast aluminum body with a...
  • MODERN with STEAM RELEASE DESIGN - Features bakelite ergonomic wood tone handles for easy tossing and turning and lids...

Next up on the list is a ceramic set from Vremi. This set is attractive for many reasons, even outside the cool color palette you can choose from — bright blue, green, or yellow.


  • Set includes two Dutch oven pots, one casserole pot with lids, and two angled frying pans
  • Designed to go directly from the stovetop for use as serving dishes
  • Ceramic marble nonstick coating ensures even heating
  • There’s a small space between the body of the pan and the lid for easy steam escape
  • Easy to hold bakelite handles (these do get hot, and you will need potholders)
  • Induction friendly as long as the burner is not larger than the pan


  • Budget
  • Handles get hot
  • A few issues with things sticking eventually

Stoneline Xtreme Series 8 Piece Nonstick Non-toxic Stone Coating Cookware

Germany's Stoneline Xtreme Series 10 Pieces Set Non-stick Non-Toxic...
  • Imported from Germany. Won numerous awards including the 2017 European Cookware of the year, (Won over top brands such...
  • Xtreme robust, Xtreme fast, Induction Stove top ready with built-in inductive iron disc on the bottom, Xtreme...
  • This 10 pcs set consists of 2 pots, 4 pans and 4 lids; 8" fry pan, 9.6" fry pan, 11.2" fry pan, 12.8" large fry pan, 4.5...

The next item on the list is another set. This Stoneline Xtreme set is from Germany, and the ratings are through the roof. Customers say these are the best cooking pans they have ever used. Other’s call this set, “effortless,” and say it “cleans like a breeze.” Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive sets on the list — but you get a ton of stuff in this package.


  • 8-inch frying pan, 9.6-inch saute pan, 2.2-liter pot, 4.5-liter roasting pot, 2.6-liter pot
  • Three pouring rim lids that work on all the pots
  • The coating is 10 times more durable than other nonstick pans
  • Pouring rim to decant and pour liquids quickly
  • Lids have integrated pouring sieves
  • You can tilt the lid and keep it attached to the pan
  • You can put it in your oven up to 356 degrees
  • 12-year factory warranty


  • Budget

Ozero Stone Earth All-In-One Sauce Pan

Ozeri Stone Earth All-in-One Sauce Pan 100% APEO, GenX, PFBS, PFOS,...
  • Utilizes a stone-derived coating from Germany that is 100% free of APEO, GenX, PFBS, PFOS, PFOA and the lesser known...
  • Eco-friendly 5 L (53 Quart) sauce pan delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without risk of exposure to these...
  • Multitasking sauce pan features a layered aluminum core that conducts and sustains heat, with a hardened...

Next, we have the Ozero Stone Earth Sauce Pan. This pan is a budget-friendly option that comes pretty highly rated even though the budget is lower than others on the list.


  • Non-toxic 5.3 Quart sauce pan
  • German stone-derived coating with aluminum core
  • Induction stove ready
  • Silicon-coated handle
  • Side-helper handle
  • Tempered glass lid with a heat resistant knob and steam release
  • Budget


  • Concerns about the non-stick coating wearing off
  • Not for use in the oven

Concord 3 Piece Ceramic Coated Copper Frying Pan Cookware Set

CONCORD 3 Piece Ceramic Coated -Copper- Frying Pan Cookware Set...
  • These Cookware are made with High Grade Ceramic Coated Coppe-ramic Coating.
  • Features Fully polished stainless steel handle.
  • Ceramic Coating is a healthy and Eco friendly way to cook with Non Stick.

Finally, we will finish up with the Concord three-piece frying pan set. This set of frying pans is another that may appeal to those with a tighter budget.


  • High-grade ceramic coating
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Includes one each: 8-inch, 9.5-inch, and 12-inch frying pans
  • Budget


  • No silicon protection on the handle
  • Nonstick capabilities seem to go away after a while (this could be user error)

What You Cook It on Matters

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the end of this amazing and informational list. No matter what you decide, at least now you understand that what you cook your food on is just as important as where you buy your food. There are enough dangers in the world already, and this is one that you can certainly deal with — all you have to do is replace those nasty Teflon and pure aluminum pans with any of the items on our list of the best cooking pans. As you can see, there are a ton of options for any size budget. No matter what you do, make sure you follow the care instructions for the pan that you choose.

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