Best Fruits for Weight Loss and Diet

best fruits for weight loss

Did you know that apples and oranges are not only nutritious but can also slim down your waistline? It’s true, and the best fruits for weight loss are right there at your local supermarket.

These super fruits make you feel fuller — longer. This is important when you want to prevent unwanted weight gain. These fruits can be enjoyed alone or as part of a larger meal. They are sweet, tasty, and can improve your figure. So, what are the best fruits for weight loss?

Can Fruits Help You Lose Weight?

We always hear nutritional experts telling us about the plethora of fantastic health benefits of fruit. But can eating fruit really help you lose weight? The answer is yes.

Some studies have shown that fruit has benefits for our health through their anti-obesity effects. There are several reasons that experts confirm the weight loss benefits of certain fruits. For one, fruit helps to enforce the effects of satiety or the feeling of fullness that helps us feel full for longer periods of time. Because of this, we are usually less compelled to eat more food after eating fruit.

Different fruits on market

Paired with satiety is the fact that the best fruits for weight loss are also higher-calorie foods that can satisfy our appetites when eaten on their own. This is opposed to vegetables that we usually pair with a more extensive course. You are more likely to choose a piece of fruit rather than a carrot to replace that cookie you think you want. The result is that eating fruit can limit the total calories you would have had. Make this a routine, and you will be taking in fewer calories in the long run.

One of the common traits of the best fruits for weight loss is fiber. Many fruits, including apples and pears, contain up to 3.6 grams of fiber. There have been several studies that prove that those who eat less fiber are consistently more obese than those who consume fiber more frequently. Those who consume more fiber are also less likely to suffer from hypertension, diabetes, dementia, and even depression.

For all of these reasons alone, eating fruit is a no-brainer.

The Best Fruits for Weight Loss

There are over 2,000 types of fruit in the world. While most varieties are very healthy in moderation, there are a select few that are not only healthy but are considered the best fruits for weight loss. What separates the best fruits for weight loss is what they have inside. The following fruits are high in antioxidants, and they have a higher water content. Many of them also contain necessary vitamins and nutrients including potassium, vitamin C, and of course, that all important fiber.


One of the best fruits for weight loss is watermelon. The main benefit that watermelon has going for it is its water content. Every bite of watermelon you consume contains about 92 percent water and only six percent sugar. The benefits of getting enough water are well known. When it comes to losing weight, making sure you drink enough water can replace unnecessary food.


In many cases, when we think we are hungry, we are really just dehydrated. So when we choose to have a glass of water instead of a bag of chips, we are replenishing what we need without gaining weight. Plus, water helps our bodies to work at maximum efficiency. Meaning that your workouts will be more effective, making it easier to lose weight.

Wonderful ways to prepare watermelon

If you are looking to enjoy watermelon as one of the best fruits for weight loss, then you have several options. The first is to enjoy it by the slice. If that doesn’t do it for you, watermelon is also great with other foods. You can add thin slices to your sandwich, turn it into a salad with tomato and avocado, or combine it with gazpacho to make salsa.


Blueberries have a lot going for them, making them one of the best fruits for weight loss. These tiny berries have been found to positively influence the genes that regulate where we store fat and how we burn it away. If you eat blueberries as part of a low-calorie diet, you will also find that the berries help to improve blood sugar levels which impacts how we lose weight.


On top of all of that, blueberries are also a significant source of fiber, with one cup containing 3.6 grams. It helps us to feel full, so we don’t eat the bad stuff.

A million ways to prepare blueberries

As one of the best fruits for weight loss, blueberries are a great compliment to yogurt, granola, and fruit smoothies. You can spice up your favorite pork dish by pairing blueberries with white wine and fresh thyme in a lovely savory sauce. You can even match the blueberries with that watermelon, jalapeño, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice for a salsa that makes an excellent topping for grilled salmon or chicken.


They say that eating an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but they can also lead to your weight loss goals. Apples are one of the best fruits for weight loss because they are a low-calorie snack that contains no sodium or fat.

The most important way apples can help you to lose weight is by combining an already low-calorie count with a high amount of fiber which makes you fuller for longer. Many people eat an apple before their dinner to ensure that they consume fewer calories. Like watermelons, apples also contain a lot of water with a medium sized apple being made up of about 85 percent liquid. This water content also helps you to feel full.


If your weakness is your sweet tooth, then apples can help with that too. Some apples are sweeter than others because they have more sugar. However, the advantage of apples is that they have a low glycemic index. That means that your body is better able to process the sugar they contain. In this way, an apple can easily replace your favorite sweet treat and is one of the best fruits for weight loss.

Amazing ways to eat apples

Apples are already great on their own, but if you want to spice things up, you have many options. For a fun snack, create a sandwich with two apple slices surrounding a small helping of granola and peanut butter. Don’t worry, peanut butter is also high fiber and is perfectly fine on a diet if eaten in moderation.

But the apple sandwich is just the tip of the iceberg. Apples can also be roasted, baked, and turned into applesauce. There are many other healthy apple combinations including apple pancakes, a healthy apple pizza, and a baked apple crisp.


Grapefruits are one of the best fruits for weight loss because they contain multiple elements that aid in slimming your waistline. The main benefit is that grapefruits contain ingredients that can lower the level of insulin in your body. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone. When your body controls its insulin, it uses the fat for energy instead of storing it. Weight loss can be the result.

On top of that, grapefruits have many other secret weight loss powers. For one, like many of the other fruits, they contain a lot of fiber, and one serving only has about 53 calories. The result is consuming less but feeling fuller.


Some studies even show that even the smell of grapefruit can curb cravings. They say that smelling grapefruit positively affects our liver enzymes which can aid in preventing hunger cravings. When even the smell makes an impact, you know you have one of the best fruits for weight loss.

The many grapefruit dishes

The reason grapefruit is one of the best fruits for weight loss is because of the variety of ways you can prepare it. Mix grapefruit with avocado and salmon to create a refreshing salad. Grapefruits are in smoothies, pudding, and it is really tasty covered with granola and greek yogurt.


Few people are surprised to learn that bananas are one of the healthiest foods with their high levels of potassium and fiber. But did you know they are also one of the best fruits for weight loss?

In addition to their healthy attributes, bananas are also an excellent fruit for boosting your metabolism and energy. A banana can replace your typical energy bar, effectively energizing you with only 90 calories. That means your workouts can be that much more effective.


While all bananas are healthy, those that are best for weight loss are still slightly green in color. Before ripening, they are a resistant starch. In layman’s terms, foods that are resistant starches slow down or resist the digestion process, using your gut in such a way that suppresses your appetite. Long story short, you will feel fuller and energized for longer.

Go bananas for these snack ideas

Like many other fruits, you are welcome to cook bananas in a variety of ways. Put bananas and eggs together to make delicious banana pancakes. How about a savory banana creme brulee. There are even healthy ways to make banana blondies, puddings, and cheesecake!


Orange you glad that this citrus treat is one of the best fruits for weight loss? Besides being full of vitamin C, they are also fat-free, low in calories, and full of fiber. Most oranges only have about 62 calories. Plus, oranges are low on energy density, which means you can eat several of them without going over your calorie limit, and afterward, you will feel less hungry for longer.


The vitamin C alone can do you wonders. Experts say that those who consume less vitamin C find it harder to lose weight. Many factors determine why someone may or may not lose weight. Among them are stress and slow metabolism. Vitamin C can help to quicken the process of metabolizing fat. Plus, a lack of vitamin C can lead to higher stress levels which hamper weight loss. Make yourself feel better with an orange.

Orange recipes to help you enjoy one of the best fruits for weight loss

While their low energy density allows you just to sit and enjoy a small pile of oranges, there are many ways to spice up your orange consumption.

You can start your day off right by adding oranges to your oatmeal or enjoy them in a nice fruit salad. For lunch, you can combine oranges, tomato, cilantro, onion, and lime juice for a delightful orange salsa. After dinner, treat yourself to ambrosia made with oranges, low-fat lemon yogurt, shredded coconut, and vanilla extract.


Like many other fruits on this list, pears contain elements that leave you full and satisfied for longer, which lands them on the list of the best fruits for weight loss. Next time you have a craving, grab a pear. Just one pair can give you 20 percent of your daily fiber requirement. Fiber keeps you full while also helping you absorb the vitamins and minerals from food.


Pears are also high in glucose and fructose, so they give you an energy boost and speed up metabolism. They also slow your carbohydrate absorption, so your blood sugar doesn’t spike or fall dramatically. Stable blood sugar equals fewer food cravings.

Perfect pear dishes

Pears are great compliments to a healthy sandwich or a salad. For breakfast, you can mix pears into your oatmeal or smoothie. For a change of pace, you can also choose to grill, bake, or poach your pears. Add a small amount of chocolate or caramel on top to bring out the pear’s natural sweetness.


The always delicious pineapple is another one of the best fruits for weight loss because it checks all of the boxes. This sweet fruit has a lot of vitamin C, it has a good amount of fiber, and it can fill you up, so you aren’t craving more food.


An added benefit of pineapple is that it contains bromelain. New studies regarding the enzyme have found that it may be able to break down body fat. Making them one of the best fruits for weight loss. Pineapples are also healthy, with the entire fruit packing about 450 calories.

How party people eat pineapples

There are many novel ways to prepare pineapple. You can make it into a meal by cooking it with some savory sesame ginger chicken that you can eat right out of the pineapple shell. You might decide to appease your taste buds with a BBQ chicken pineapple grilled cheese sandwich. Add pineapple to your salad or eat it as a side dish.



Last but not least, the components of strawberries make them one of the best fruits for weight loss. Strawberries contain many antioxidants. The most prominent being ellagic acid. Antioxidants work to reverse inflammation. When inflammation runs rampant, it blocks the hormones that aid in keeping you lean. Fix this with strawberries, and you may find it easier to lose weight. For an extra boost, try organic strawberries, as they have been found to contain a higher level of vitamin C and ellagic acid.

Super strawberry recipes

To get the most out of your new love of strawberries, incorporate them into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, layer vanilla yogurt and granola with some strawberries to make a yummy parfait. Have a refreshing lunch with a strawberry and walnut salad. Cap off dinner by piling spinach, chicken, mozzarella, and strawberries inside a whole wheat bun for a great grilled sandwich.

Go Buy the Best Fruits for Weight Loss Today

With these healthy fruits, the journey to weight loss is just as close as your local farmer’s market. It is important to state that while the fruits on this list have been shown to lead to weight loss, the information provided should not be considered medical or dietary advice. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet.

With that said, these are the best fruits for weight loss because they have the elements you need to lose those unwanted pounds. Oh, and they also taste great too! How do you incorporate fruit into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Share your secret recipes in the comments.


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